Ultimate Arsenal lasts for 5 days. You will be able to get 3 different level of Ultimate Equipment sets from this event, redeemed with fragments. Fragments are obtained via daily free chances or from gift packs (purchased using gold). You can only use gold to purchase the gift packs. No coupons are allowed.


Quenching Fragments

  • You will get 3 free chances per day to get random fragments.
  • Players can use Gold to buy Gold Quench (round-colored-globe gift packs).
  • Gold Quench will give ONE random item (from the list) and corresponding Fragments.
  • Fragments can be used to exchange for Ultimate Equipments (from main window) or other items (from Fragments Exchange, see below).
  • Remaining fragments cannot be carried forward to next event.

Fragments Exchange

  • You can use your fragments and exchange for items here.
  • Items include Level 10 Silver Card, Epic EXP Scroll and Hogu Enhance Talisman.

Ultimate Equipment

  • You will have a choice of 3 different Ultimate Equipment sets to choose from.
  • Each event will have 3 sets of different level of equipment to be available for exchange.
  • Each player is limited to 3 units (of each type of equipment) per event.