Shinigami Puzzle lasts for 5 days. During the event period, you will have free and also gold chances to collect puzzle pieces and get rewarded with items and spirit stones.

Event Details

  • Shinigami Puzzle can generally be divided into 3 parts:
    • Obtaining the puzzle pieces using free or gold chances
    • Get rewards for collecting a combination of puzzle pieces
    • Achievement rewards for getting 25 puzzle pieces

Puzzle Pieces

  • Normal Flip will give you 1 random puzzle piece.
  • You can flip once for free every 12 hours.
  • Additional Normal Flips cost 80 gold each. Coupons are not allowed.
  • Lucky Flip will give you 1 new (one that you have not opened/have) random puzzle piece.
  • Each Lucky Flip costs 100 gold. Coupons are not allowed.
  • Each New puzzle pieces collected will give you 1 point in Achievement Reward.
  • You can also obtain all the puzzle pieces immediately and complete the puzzle by paying 2500 gold.

Combination Rewards

  • By collecting the combination of puzzle pieces, you can get the corresponding rewards.
  • Rewards are items such as Hogu Enhance Talisman, Level 6 and above Spirit Stones, Universal Spirit Water and more.
  • You can use gold to complete the required combinations.
  • However, this will not give any point in Achievement Rewards.
  • Redeeming the rewards will consume the required puzzle pieces.

Achievement Rewards

  • For every 25 points collected, you can draw for Achievement Rewards.
  • You get a chance to get one of the following item in the listed rewards.
  • Points collected here cannot be carried forward to the next event.