The shield protects your character from damage and control effect debuffs. Control effect debuffs include Stun, Silence, Chaos, Disarm, Void, Fossilize, Freeze, Fury restriction, and Laceration.

Damage Mitigation

  • The shield protects your character from damage up to a set amount, and then it breaks.
  • It's best to think of it as the shield having its own HP. Each attack will lower the amount of damage it has left to protection you from.
  • The amount of damage it absorbs is determined as a percentage (which is specified by the growth rate of the shield) of the caster's attack.
    • For example, if a shield had a growth rate of 50% and caster had 1,000,000 attack, the amount of damage the shield absorbs is 500,000 worth of your character's HP.
  • Attack buffs and debuffs also affect the shield HP.
  • If the shield breaks on the attack, you are still protected by however much HP was left on the shield.
  • The strongest shield will always stay in place if a weaker shield is casted (with some strange exceptions). **Needs further testing.

Control Debuff Immunity

  • The shield clears control debuffs when first activated.

Katen's shield clears Senjumaru's Fury Restriction and Kirinji's Chaos

  • The control debuff icons may remain when the shield is not activated on your turn, but this is only a visual limitation. It will have no effect on the partner's next turn and will be visually cleared when it is their turn.

Ultima Aizen Chaoses Sexy Kukaku and Yhwach's passive shield activates, but since it doesn't happen on the player's turn, the shield does not clear the debuff.

  • For as long as the shield is active, it will make you immune to any debuffs that control your character's behavior.

Shin Kyoka Suigetsu Aizen's Chaos does not penetrate the shield, but the vanguard's attack is still increased from his skill

  • If the shield breaks, you are vulnerable to control statuses again.

Shy Nemu breaks Mayuri's shield, making him vulnerable to her Chaos again


  • Nozarashi Kenpachi's fossilize and silence go right through the shield and ignore the shield altogether
  • Shield HP protection on supporters is currently determined by their physical attack instead of their strategy attack.