• Ryoka Attack lasts for 30 minutes and occurs daily.
  • Wave after waves of Ryoka will spawn; Iron Arm Ryoka, Crazy Blade Ryoka, Spirit Ryoka, Wandering Ryoka, Roaming ryoka, Ballistic Ryoka, Cero Transformer, Confused Ryoka, Elite Ryoka, Valiant Ryoka, Sky Ryoka, Sophistry Ryoka, Gluttony Ryoka.
  • In total, there are 53 waves of Ryoka. Between each wave, there is a 10 seconds timer.
  • Within the event period, player will need to defeat as many Ryoka as possible.
  • If you lose the battle, you will be revived in 60 seconds. You cannot speed up your Revival Time.
  • When the highest damage dealt reaches a certain amount, all participants will gain attack bonus.
  • Everytime you kill a ryoka, you will earn Clan Points for your clan.
  • Rewards will be given out according to Clan Points, via mail.
  • Higher damage dealt to Ryoka will reap higher rewards.
  • You will also get additional rewards for killing and giving the final blow to Ryoka.
  • Top 30 damage dealers will also get extra rewards. Rewards are sent via mail.

Event Details

Event Time 22:15 - 22:45
Participation Rewards Silver, Experience, Epic Material Chest, Level 3 Spirit Stone, Soul
Event Rewards Silver, Experience, Soul Talisman, Coupon

VIP Benefits

VIP 5 Auto Battle
VIP 4 Skip Battle