• Protect Seireitei lasts for 30 minutes and occurs daily.
  • This event is divided into 2 group, the attacking team and defending team.
  • Within the event period, if the attacker breaks two city walls (guarded by defending guild players and gate defender, Jidanbo), the attacker wins, otherwise the defender wins.
  • Attackers need to click on the gate/wall, and attack the defenders (players from defending guild).
  • Attackers will also be attacked by the defenders as they stand near the gate and vice versa.
  • If there are no defenders, attackers can attack the gate which is guarded by Jidanbo.
  • Each time the defenders succeeded in defending an attacker, they will receive extra damage for the next battle. As the defenders continue to defend the gate and score more winning streaks, they will receive higher damage bonus.
  • Defenders protecting the outer gate will gain 100% HP bonus and inner gate, 130% HP bonus.
  • If the defending team managed to defend, they will continue to occupy Seireitei and receive Yamamoto's Bonus (increase certain percent of experience and silver gained from Stages).
  • All members from the successful defending guild will also get Gotei 13 Event Rewards.
  • If the defending team loses, the No 1 attacking team (guild) will occupy Seireitei and receive the bonus. They will also be the defending team in the next Protect Seireitei onwards.
  • Higher level of Guild Protect Seireitei Level will give bonus attributes during the event.

Event Details

Event Time 22:15 - 22:45
Participation Rewards Points
Event Rewards Silver, Experience, Guild Chest

VIP Benefits

VIP 4 Skip Battle