Activate Mod Soul's Home from the top menu buttons (+). Mod Soul is a form of pet system in Bleach Online. You will find few options from Mod Soul's Home; Interaction Fountain, Mod Soul's Hut, Assist Mod Soul's Researching Academy and Assist Mod Soul's Training Camp.

Type of Mod Souls

Mod Souls are divided into 2 types:

  • Mod Soul (main) - increase attributes to you and your partners in formation
  • Assist Mod Soul (also known as Second Mod Soul) - increase attributes to individual partner



Interaction Fountain

  • Click on the Fountain to get Mod Soul Pills.
  • You will get 5 daily free chances. 
  • Additional interaction chances can be purchase with gold only.
    • 1st chance is 20 gold
    • 2nd chance is 30 gold
    • 3rd chance is 40 gold
    • 4th chance is 50 gold
    • 5th chance is 60 gold
    • 6th chance is 70 gold
    • 7th chance is 80 gold
    • 8th chance is 90 gold
    • 9th chance is 100 gold
    • 10th chance is 100 gold
  • Different VIP level will have different maximum chance purchases.
  • Cooldown timer for each interaction is 10 minutes.
  • No cooldown is an unlisted benefit for Shinigami Agent.
  • You can also use gold/coupon to clear cooldown timer.
  • Each interaction will give you 10 Mod Soul Pills.
  • Mod Soul Pills are used to Feed your Mod Soul (in Mod Soul's Hut) to level them up

Giftpack List

  • Giftpack List will give you rewards when you meet the requirements.
  • Rewards are Mod Soul Pills, Assist Mod Soul Fragments and Random (Assist) Mod Soul Fragment Chests.
  • Received rewards will be delivered to your Backpack.
  • You will need to meet ALL requirements to get the rewards. Please read carefully (mouseover to view in details).
  • Tips: If you have achieved all requirements and the "Receive" button is still not lighted up, go out ("x" the window) and back in to Mod Soul's Home again.

Giftpack Requirements Explained