• Evil Spirit lasts for 30 minutes and occurs daily.
  • Devil Spirits will spawn 1 minute earlier and take the name of each clan's player with the highest Arena Rank. Example: Hollowed Manson.
  • Within the event period, each clan separately attacks their own clan's Devil Spirit; Shinigami, Quincy & Arrancar.
  • If you successfully killed your own clan's Devil Spirit, you can attack other clan's Devil Spirits.
  • Devil Spirit's level will increase if the Devil Spirit is killed within 10 minutes but with damage from the own clan.
  • Top 10 highest damage dealer can receive abundant rewards.
  • The player who kill the Devil Spirit can get additional rewards.
  • Standard Revival Time is 60 seconds.
  • You can spend gold/coupon to Inspire (additional attack boost) or to revive immediately.
  • The gold/coupon cost to revive immediately will vary according to the remaining revival time.
  • Cost to revive immediately will also double up every other 2 revival using gold/coupon.
  • Your first attack on any Devil Spirit gives 300% Silver.
  • Devil Spirits also have a Silver cap which can be recognized by straight numbers such as e.g 4.300.000 Silver.
  • The highest Devil Spirit level is 150.


Event Details

Event Time 12:59 - 13:30
Participation Rewards Experience, Silver
Event Rewards Silver, Soul, Equipment Material Chest

VIP Benefits

VIP 5 Auto Battle
VIP 4 Skip Battle