Daily Sign-in is activated by doing a level 5 Task. Enter Daily Sign-in from the top menu (+) under Daily. Data will be refreshed everyday at 00:00 Bleach Time. You can receive many great rewards from signing in to the game on a daily basis.

Daily Sign-in

  • Daily sign-in to receive silvers, coupons and sign-in points.
  • Late sign-in will consume coupons first, then silver.
  • 3x late sign-in for free with an active Shinigami Agent
  • However, you can use gold to compensate late sign-in to receive the rewards.
  • Extra rewards from Sign-in Treasure Box and Continuous Sign-in (details as below).

Treasure Box

  • 20x Blue Reishi
  • 10x Level 5 Silver Pack
  • 3000x Skill Scroll
  • Deed: Mansion
  • 50x Purple Reishi
  • 150x Reiatsu Cultivating Pill
  • 10x Level 6 Silver Pack
  • 30x Gold Reishi
  • 10x Level 7 Silver Pack
  • 2x Soul Talisman
  • 175x Red Star
  • 2x Level 2 Spirit Stone Box
  • 5x Hogu Enhance Talisman
  • 1x Hogu Convert Talisman

Continuous Sign-in Gift

Points Exchange

  • You will get 5 sign-in points every day.
  • Sign-in points can be accumulated and exchanged for items such as silver pack, experience book, reiatsu cultivating pill, soul talisman, bikini and skill scroll.
  • Items and costs are displayed below:

2 days 888,888 Silver
7 days 1x Level 6 Agility Spirit Stone
15 days 200x Gold Reishi, 20x Epic EXP Scroll
30 days 666x Coupons
60 days 100x Reiatsu Cultivating Pill
90 days 888x Coupons
180 days 1,000x Level 10 Silver Pack
365 days 18,888x Coupons
420 days 1,000x Reincarnation Stone
480 days 8,888x Bond Skill Fragments
510 days 10,000x Exclusive Fragments
600 days Tier 11 Hogu Chest
690 days 2,100x Red Hogyoku Fragments
720 days 720x Universal Mod Fragments
900 days 4x Level 10 Spirit Stone Boxes
1095 days 38,888x Coupons