Black Market will be unlocked at level 30. Activate Black Market from the top menu buttons (+). You can purchase many different items from the Black Market. You can only purchase each of the shown items once. The Black Market also has a Mystic Shop which opens by spending a lot of vitality or accessible through purchasing Shinigami Agent.

  • You can only use Gold if the price is in gold!
  • Black Market refreshes 2 times daily, at 10:00 and 18:00 Bleach Time.
  • You can refresh immediately by using 5 gold/coupon.
  • You can only buy the displayed item, once.

Mystic Shop

Mystic shop

The Mystic Shop sells the following:

  • Modify Fragments.
  • Spirit Stone Boxes.
  • Hogu Enhance Talisman.
  • Various items.